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Companies look for a consistent, deadline-driven creative team to support their marketing communications goals. Budget constraints often limit this search to low-cost options or internal support.

When they find a studio providing affordable and innovative design solutions, with expertise from print to new media – along with a sense of personal investment – the search is over.

Ellipse Design offers that unique mix of creativity and sensitivity to your bottom-line. Let our award-winning team customize your services and products On Time, On Target and On Budget.

Ellipse Design provides these creative services:

  • Annual Reports
  • Branding Guides/Logo Identity Packages
  • Conference Support from Registration Kits to Signage
  • Publication Design
  • Exhibit Design and Fabrication
  • Direct Mail and Cross Media Campaigns
  • Web Design and Flash Animation
  • Copywriting, Illustration and Photography


O2 Holdings, LLC

Background: Client needed an identity to encompass diverse range of businesses from entertainment to financial.

Objective: Design logo and stationery package which is distinctive, yet broad enough to cover wide range of vertical markets.

GRA, Inc.

Background: GRA, Inc. assists government agencies address human resources management, training, and organizational improvement needs through a wide variety of on-site support and consulting services. Their consultants are retired Federal HR Managers and specialists with proven track records and networked contacts.

Objective: Design a contemporary logo and stationery package with an upbeat color pallete reflecting the evolving nature of HR Services and Human Capital Management.

The Congressional Schools of Virginia

Background: From early childhood programs to middle school, the Congressional Schools of Virginia offers a warm and welcoming environment for families interested in providing the best possible education for their children. Voted “best private school” in a survey by Washington Families Magazine.

Objective: Update logo, retaining existing crest; reflect high standards of curriculum. Must reproduce well in 2-color, grayscale and black and white.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Background: CAL is a private, nonprofit organization, celebrating 50 years of working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture.

Objective: Design a 50 year logo using 3 keywords, to create an icon symbolizing learning and achievement.

The Farm Credit Council’s Phelps-Martin Award

Background: This award is given honor of two Farm Credit System employees for their lifetime contributions to the System and the communities they served.

Objective: Design a 50 year logo the reflects a nuturing environment.

District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles

Background: DC DMV required a logo representing their unique identity.

Objective: Design logo which is accessible and user-friendly. Must be consistent with existing DC government stars and bars logo.


Background: AUPHA is a global network of colleges, universities, faculty, individuals, and organizations dedicated to improving health by promoting excellence in healthcare management education.

Objective: Must be conservative and convey the field of academic healthcare administration.

FASEB Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program

Background: MARC promotes diversity in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, as well as the training and advancement of underrepresented minority students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and scientists.

Objective: Reflect life sciences, specifically biomedical careers.

C2ER’s 50th Anniversary logo

Background: C2ER promotes excellence in community and economic research by working to improve data availability and quality, while educating community researchers and economic developers about regional economic analytic methods.

Objective: Design contemporary logo that retains current branding within a seal or cohesive block.


IIE’s Boren Awards

Background: Boren Awards for International Study supports graduate and undergraduate students studying languages, cultures and world areas critical to U.S. interests.

Objective: Update brochure with a youthful look, consistent with new website and reflecting the branding shift to Boren Study Abroad.

CAPCS - Community Academy Public Charter Schools

Background: CAPCS is deeply dedicated to the vision of providing a world-class education rooted in an ethical culture. CAPCS students engage in mind-expanding academic experiences, a stimulating after-school program, and a school family that views parents as partners.

Objective: Redesigned logo incorporating tagline, Expections of Excellence; new brochure reflecting diversity and academic achievement for urban students and their families.


Background: The purpose of this conference is to assist regional policy makers and researchers to identify new economic niches – from renewable energy technologies to more efficient logistical systems.

Objective: Reflect the role entrepreneurs play in creating economic value through creative endeavors to proprietary ideas. Use vibrant colors and architecture details from downtown plaza of host city.

Congressional Camp

Background: Summer Camp for Congressional Schools, called Congo Camp. Focus on 70th Anniversary.

Objective: Design a fun, colorful camp brochure highlighting the variety of courses and activities offered, which encourages parents to enroll their children for a summer of play and learning.

The Congressional Schools of Virginia

Background: Redesign the school’s Viewbook – a comprehensive profile of the school detailing the diversity of programs offered and what sets it apart from other education resources.

Objective: Tell the story of The Congressional Schools and focus on the their goal of teaching students to become world-class citizens.

Conservation International

Background: The Balanced Project is a global program supported by USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health.

Objective: Design a brochure that profiles PHE – a development approach that supports the inter-relationships between population, health, environment and economic dynamics.

National Association of Social Workers – NASW

Background: Redesign series of reports for the NASW Center for Workforce Studies to make them more accessible to audiences beyond their traditional social worker membership.

Objective: To inform social workers, administrators, legislators, academicians, practitioners, colleges, libraries and students about the changing profile of social workers.

Conservation International

Background: Report profiles three geographic areas: Phillipines, Madagascar and Cambodia.

Objective: New design focusing on accomplishments in vaccinations and family planning.

Imagine America

Background: Imagine America represents Career Colleges, specifically high school, adult and military students interested in vocational, culinary, trade, paralegal, nursing and mechanical careers. This report is an overview of trends for career colleges.

Objective: Design an upbeat and high-energy report using bright colors to profile data and represent students in a positive light.

American Security Project – ASP

Background: ASP is a non-partisan research group focusing on national security threats.

Objective: Depict the threat of terrorism, but not in an overly somber manner. Develop infographics for topics ranging from Terrorist Incidents to Public Attitudes towards national security.

National Automobile Dealers Association – NADA

Background: NADA needed to move all education and training programs into one branded identity called NADA University.

Objective: Design a unique brochure with a strong emotional impact with sports theme to appeal to specific audience. All four areas of the University need a discrete section.

SRCP Media

Background: SCRP needed a comprehensive marketing kit to profile their powerful political and advertising campaigns.

Objective: Use headline …Create, Inspire, Persuade…to design a marketing kit with an understated portfolio cover and color-coded stairstepped brochures with an approachable and professional tone.

Public Safety Systems, Inc. – PSSI

Background: PSSI provides rapid response solutions for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS. Airports and Pentagon. CAD: Computer Aided Dispatch. RMS: Records Management Systems.

Objective: Design a brochure consistent with booth design which is easy to ready, clean and sharp.



Background: Every year, Balmar produces a unique calendar to profile its creative and print capabilities. This year, Ellipse Design created the Social Networking calendar featuring groups of animals.

Objective: Design an attention-getting calendar highlighting creative services and high-end print solutions. This year, the calendar won the Rodney A. Anderson Best of Show in the 2010 National and World Calendar Awards.


Background: 2009 Training Institute Series focuses on issues relating to urban economic development ranging from local workforce (office and utility workers) to urban planning (rail and ground transportation).

Objective: Postcard reflecting workshop series. Emphasis on branded colors with clean, attractive design highlighting three training locations.


Background: In the field of enrollment management, AACRAO has long served as a recognized source of information on student admissions, academic records, international education, and technology. 2010 marks AACRAO’s century of service in higher education.

Objective: Create logo, website and collateral for Centennial Celebration incorporating tagline …Celebrate the Past, Create the Future.. Emphasis is forward-thinking with acknowlegment to past achievements.

Catholic Legal Immigration Network – CLINIC

Background: Ensure consistency of documentation across internal and external offices.

Objective: Develop style guide, based on client-provided logo, as reference for ongoing print and online communications. This master style guide specifies the use of logo/tagline, colors (PMS, process and b/w); clear space & minimum size; color palette; incorrect usage; and approved family of fonts.


Background: ACCRAO holds several yearly meetings – Technology, Strategic Enrollment, Transfer and Annual conferences.

Objective: Design and layout one-sheet profiling each of several yearly conferences in an easy to read format.

DC Lottery & Charitable Games Control Board

Background: Every year, DC Lottery profiles an African-American figure or group that made a positive impact in the DC area with the Black History Calendar.

Objective: Design calendar for the Washington Mystics that captures the energy and excitement of the team which also focuses on key players.


Background: ACCRAO requested a timeline that accomplishes two goals: (1) reviews overall progress of higher education in the past 100 years, and (2) highlights specific AACRAO achievements.

Objective: A large format display (12 feet wide) which includesa decade-by-decade timelinehighlighting historic events in AACRAO and higher education history, with historical AACRAO photos juxtaposed with appropriate historical-cultural U.S. photos.

International Partnership for Microbicides – IPM

Background: IPM is a non-profit product development partnership (PDP) established in 2002 to prevent HIV transmission by accelerating the development and availability of a safe and effective microbicide for use by women in developing countries.

Objective: Design and layout 28-page wall calendar highlighting research centers across Africa workingwith IPM to prevent HIV transmission in women.

Catholic Legal Immigration Network – CLINIC

Background: CLINIC needed a standardized Quarterly Newsletter that could be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Objective: Design template highlighting immigrant families, priests and other support staff and develop a color pallete which rotates for each issue.

National Black Nurses Association – NBNA

Background: The National Black Nurses Association is the only professional African American nursing association providing a forum for black nurses to investigate, define and advocate for the health care needs of African Americans.

Objective: Design engaging, colorful cover to encourage members to register for the 38th Annual Institute & Conference in San Diego, CA.

Minority Access to Research Careers – MARC

Background: The Marc Program (MARC) Program promotes diversity in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, as well as the training and advancement of underrepresented minority students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and scientists.

Objective: Design (SROP) calander using different color palletes for each month and including SROP logotype as watermark. Each month to feature specific Universityand a collage of students/mentor with University photo and logo. Develop short video to cross-promote online.

Fairfax County Retirement Administration Agency

Background: FCRAA asked for a cover redesign of their popular retirement handbooks. They requested a consistent design using actual photos of each department.

Objective: Design covers for Employee, Uniform and Police Handbooks, capturing each profession within a templated look and feel.

Annual Reports

DC Lottery & Charitable Games Control Board

Background: DC Lottery provides District residents with financial benefits through the sale of lottery products and support of charitable organizations pursuant to gaming regulations.

Objective: Design an invitation-themed Annual Report using uncoated paper and whimsical approach.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing – AACN

Background: AACN is the national voice for America's baccalaureate- and higher-degree nursing education programs.

Objective: Incorporate images of association’s past and present to promote 40th Anniversary. Feature timeline on interior of report.

Edmund Burke School

Background: Burke is a small, urban, diverse, challenging, and loving coed day school for 300 students in grades 6 through 12. Burke offers a challenging and engaging academic program, exceptional arts programs, and integrates service learning into classrooms at all grade levels.

Objective: Using the theme We Are Burke, create a compelling design which captures the fresh, enthusiastic and creative culture of Burke.



Background: Ellipse created signage, video and game theme for OneParty networking event, hosted by Capitol Communicators.

Objective: To encourage interaction between guests, players randomly selected a Fauxster (faux coaster) from box. Objective was to find 6 guests with the same animal pictured on their fauxster and have them sign the back of card. Completed Fauxsters were entered to win a prize. The event was a huge success and well-attended.

Minority Access to Research Careers – MARC

Background: The Marc Program (MARC) Program promotes diversity in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, as well as the training and advancement of underrepresented minority students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and scientists.

Objective: Design unique series of Xpression booths to convey the potential of research and career in biomedicine.

The Association of University Programs in Health Administration – AUPHA

Background: AUPHA is a global network of colleges, universities, faculty, individuals, and organizations dedicated to improving health by promoting excellence in healthcare management education.

Objective: Using keywords, design abstract booth with an academic tone without images of people.

Digital Media

ORConsulting Inc.

Background: ORConsulting Inc. helps leading organizations achieve strategic and operational objectives through the development of their people.

Objective: Redesign website with an approachable, personal, tone which conveys the customizable nature of the firms’ offering. Website will focus on specialized consulting services, articles, history, bios/consultants, case studies, product offerings and contacts.

UR Solar Power, LLC

Background: Client wanted to reach out to warm leads to schedule in-house visits and to encourage homeowners to purchase solar panels and education comsumers about federal discounts.

Objective: Using a CrossMedia campaign, convert pre-screened phone leads to actual sales calls, acquire opinions and feedback via survey and educate respondents to the advantages of Solar Power. Two different designs were developed which generated an overall response rate of 3.5% for the campaign.

American Security Project – ASP

Background: ASP is a non-partisan research group focusing on national security threats.

Objective: Design powerpoint template with a conservative, professional tone. Highlight the relationship between national security and climate change, limiting the use of icon and without emphasizing “green” focus.

Graduate School

Background: Combine all course schedules and catalogs into one reference.

Objective: Design an attractive, informative and interactive CD to functions as a mini-website which includes all catalogs as well as background information about Graduate School. Format is flash-based using actionscript 2.


Background: AACRAO is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional association serving and advancing higher education by providing leadership in academic and enrollment services. A web template was needed for their 96th Annual Meeting.

Objective: Layout and code template consistent with existing Annual Meeting design. Use CSS styles to facilitate quick formatting by client.

Minority Access to Research Careers – MARC

Background: Develop video to cross-promote the MARC Calendar and website.

Objective: Using images from calendar and themes of learning and goal setting, develop emotional video to help tie print and online communications. Enjoy the video at vimeo.com/channels/5808